Cashmere Clinic- tips to remove pills and fuzz from your cashmere

By caring for your cashmere properly you will have many years of happy wear.

In general, with all cashmeres, you will notice some slight balling or “pilling” of the cashmere fibre, as we say in the trade. These small balls or “pills “will be in areas where your arms rub against your body and create friction on the cashmere fibre. This is quite normal for cashmere, although Scottish cashmeres tend to pill less because they are knitted with top quality cashmere yarns and the finishing techniques ensure an excellent fabric.

If you do notice some pilling, this can be removed gently by using a sweater comb that lifts the balls of fibre away leaving a perfect surface underneath.

Sweater combs or pilling combs are readily available through shops and the Internet and can cost as little as £2.50.

Your cashmere will “settle” and stop producing pilling balls. Don’t be tempted to wash your cashmere too often, just remove the pills and steam lightly with your steam wool setting on the iron.  Hover the iron over the cashmere and allow the steam to do the work.  Hang on a padded hander and allow to air.










NEVER use a razor as the blade.

by Julie Borland.